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Family Owned For Over A Half Century

truck_webCincinnati Vending Company has proudly served southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky for over 50 years. The Walter family has built on their father's vision to include today's broad selection of vending options, technical advancements and top-tier service. They have kept the focus on freshness, personal accessibility and fast , quality 24/7 service.

Great Vending Solutions... Time After Time

Our core products are national brand snacks, including many healthy alternatives, fresh-made sandwiches, quality, name-brand frozen food and ice cream,water, juices, teas and soft drinks. We are always seeking new and relevant selections for today's workforce. What appears in our machines is there by popular demand. Your employees will vote with every selection they make, keeping items fresh and current at all times. Complete dispensing configurations are available for each client based on specific need. We back up our great products and leading-edge, energy-efficient equipment with 24/7 complete care from the best service team in vending.

Locally Roasted... Fresh Ground... Just Brewed Coffee

Coffee Break Roasting Company roasts coffee just minutes away and provides their fabulous coffee to local coffee houses and white table-cloth restaurants.

Make Every Day Employee Appreciation Day!

The freshness of our coffee and the variety of source and roast profiles allows us to offer you the best vended cup of coffee in town, guaranteed.

Office Coffee Service

Coffee Break Roasting Company

Is it always the same old grind at your company? Get Fresh!
Another outstanding offering of Cincinnati Vending Company is our Coffee Break Roasting Company products. Designed for large and small businesses, coffee houses and fine restaurants, our coffees are locally micro-roasted and freshly ground every day for a flavor that can't me matched. Additionally, we provide an outstanding selection of grinding and brewing options. Our customers love our fresh coffees so much that we have established residential service for the home. Ask us for a sample, to taste what you've been missing at home.

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Pure Spring Water and Purified Water

Cold Stream Spring Water

Nature perfected it. Good health requires it. Water is key to your employee health. It shouldn't stop when they leave for work and resume when they get home. Having a quality source for bottled or filtered water within your business is a proactive approach and a great balance to your other available drink options.

Coldstream Naturally Pure Spring Water has been judged an award winner in the Toast of the Tap International Water Tasting and Competition – earned in competition with waters from throughout the United States and around the World.  We bottle and deliver it daily to ensure nature/s freshest possible taste.

Coldstream Ultra-Purfied Water is made by reverse osmosis. This process uses very fine filtering to force regular water through a process removing all of the impurities, including chlorine. The water is then run through our ozone generator to provide chemically free bacteria control.

The most advanced computerized equipment available guarantees our water to meet or exceed all Federal (FDA & EPA), State and Local Quality Standards.  Coldstream Water is bottled under the most stringent requirements of quality control, including testing procedures by our in-house lab and state certified and approved commercial laboratories.  

We have a complete line of water coolers and accessories available for industrial, commercial and home service.

A Sweet Deal For Every Business Owner

Cincinnati Vending machines are free for placement in your business. We only make a profit when you and your employees buy items and are satisfied with the service. For that reason, we consistently pay attention and listen. Employees are grading our products daily and employers are grading us. We're on our toes and at your service 24/7.

From morning coffee, to lunch and third shift snack breaks - we're your around-the-clock vending partner.


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