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ON A COBBLESTONE ROAD JUST A FEW BLOCKS from Hyde Park Square, a horse drawn carriage stopped in front of a popular bakery and coffee shop. It was there, beside a warm stone hearth, that Edward F.Walter, one of the founding fathers of Hyde Park and owner of the Hyde Park Bakery, served some of the best aromatic coffees, teas and spices during the late 1800s. A few generations later at the helm of Coffee Break Services was Edward F. Walter’s grandson, Edward II. With the same enterprising spirit and passion for coffee as his grandfather, he spent countless hours with roasters from all over the world...cupping, learning, studying and developing profiles for blends that would please the mid-western palates.

By the 1990s, Edward’s sons, Robert and Edward III, had joined the family business. Their vision and dedication to excellence enabled a now more diversified Coffee Break Roasting Company to become a complete specialty beverage service. Programs which included more than just great coffee and tea... additional emphasis was placed on espresso, the art of cappuccino & lattes, mochas, frappes, smoothies, water purification, and equipment sales and service. With a renewed focus on exceptional coffees and a coffee experience that celebrates the science of d e v e loping the best cup, the brothers began cupping and hand-selecting an extensive array of varietal and organic coffees. Searching out the prized pickings of small fincas and estates in the sought-after regions of coffee-growing countries.

In addition to offering the very best varietals from all over the world, Coffee Break Roasting Company creates unique signature blends for its customers using high-tech and automated equipment and a state-of-the-art coffee lab. The lab also ensures quality control, enables research on the chemistry of coffee, flavor profiles, and the development of new coffee-related products. While the technology is modern, the process is an old-world, micro-batch roasting philosophy.

Bob and Eddie welcome coffee aficionados to come tour their roastery, cup and learn profiles of origin countries, and learn the art of proper espresso and cappuccino preparation. As “certified brewing technicians” for the Specialty Coffee Association and “Keepers of the Flame” with the Roasters guild, Coffee Break Roasting Company’s customers enjoy the honor of receiving the coveted “Golden Cup” Award standard, an industry-wide benchmark for quality. Coffee Break Roasting Company has long recognized the need to be socially responsible both at home and abroad. In addition to providing products to countless charities, it advocates fair pricing for coffee purchased from fincas and co-ops in coffee producing countries that maintain a higher standard of excellence through the purchase of Fair-Trade, Coffee Kids, Rainforest Alliance, and relationship coffees.

E v e r y d a y, thousands of tri-state residents enjoy coffees roasted to perfection in the heart of Cincinnati by Coffee Break Roasting Company. Its customers include the most recognized names of businesses, white tablecloth restaurants, coffee houses and homes of discriminating taste. More than just great coffee, the tradition of producing and distributing the finest products, services, and equipment continues...

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