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Wherever you find great coffee,
Together with great service,
you'll find Coffee Break Roasting Company.

Great Coffee – it’s our passion.

Locally Roasted, Fresh Ground, Just Brewed!

We start with great coffee and micro-roast it in a wide array of blends. From coffee house profiles, to old favorites like Colombian, we offer blends that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. And because we roast our own coffee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective our high quality coffee can be.


Great Service – it’s our core competency.

Our Route Representative comes on a regular schedule to clean your equipment and the surrounding area, clean or exchange your coffee pots, and restock your coffee & related supplies. Should you need anything between regularly scheduled visits, we are only a phone call away, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our silver service and preventative maintenance programs guarantee satisfaction.

Variety & Convenience

In order to brew the perfect cup, we complement our coffee by providing & maintaining the most complete coffee brewing system lineup that you will find anywhere. From traditional glass carafes and air

pots; self-serve & single-cup coffee makers; to our new “Breakroom coffee House Program,” we have a coffee system to fit virtually every need. Including espresso, cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Hot Chocolate…

Enjoy a Free Taste Test!

Everyone in the office will enjoy sampling delicious selections of our Gourmet Coffee and Specialty Teas. We'll even provide some fabulous Chai Lattes. Just point us in the right direction in the equipment format you have interest in, we’ll do the rest.

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Break-Room Coffee House Program:

Go Green - By using a grinder and whole bean coffee, you have Reduced your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

  • Our Whole bean program reduces wasted packaging costs by over 1000%.
  • Our coffee Selections offer Organic, Fair-Trade, “Coffee Kids” and Rainforest Alliance coffees.

Locally Roasted, Fresh Ground, Just Brewed Coffee

Coffee Break Roasting Company proudly provides fabulous coffee for local coffee houses and white table-cloth restaurants
We also roast coffee for independent and large chain convenience stores.

  • Coffee Break Services maintains a portion control grinder to fresh grind, our locally roasted coffees.
  • No more opening coffee packets.
  • Convenient, Quick & easy to use.

Enjoy the fresh ground Aroma… it’s Free!


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