Regional & National Service

Coast to Coast Vending or Coffee Service Solution

Unified Strategies Group (USG) works with national and multinational companies to facilitate corporate-wide vending programs. (USG) is a management partnership unique in the Vending/OCS industry. The USG network offers you hometown, family owned operators dedicated to their business in every market from coast to coast. USG is the largest member owned buying and management cooperative in the Vending Industry, representing over 680 operating companies with over $4 billion dollars in annual revenue. We guarantee the finest in local service everywhere, because we care…

Program Benefits:

Quality of Care:

Each customers national locations are serviced by hometown , family owned operators that care about their location. Each operator is one of the best operators in their market and that means you get the very best care everywhere, not just at corporate headquarters. Our customer service model provides technology driven options to report all service issues. Customer service is available 24/7 via web, email or call center. Service requests are sent immediately to the route operator. Service fulfillment is confirmed and documented to ensure service was completed.

Best Solution For Your Needs:

USG is positioned to consolidate multiple site vending and office coffee service under one consistent program, offering a managed program with single source accountability and established relationships.

Our managed programs are designed to facilitate the needs of your business on a national and local level.

Single Source Solutions:

By utilizing our extensive shareholder network, we will implement a plan that will provide unequaled service to ALL your locations, including single source contact, audit assurance, and peace of mind.


The infrastructure we use to support our products and services is a customized CRM database. This allows us to monitor all machines for vending quality, product mix and audit performance, including the type of machine (soda, snack, water, etc.), location of machine, vend price, vending sales and sales history.

Our Responsibility:

Client-Track, USG’s comprehensive customer relationship management tool, enables our representatives to track client and operator communications, service issues, financial transactions, and purchase history. This provides greater control, tracking, service, and security to benefit your company

Customized Reporting:

Customized financial reports are provided to senior management and accounting.

Auditing Performance:

We process payments on a quarterly basis with payment made by the 15th of the month following the end of each calendar quarter. Payments can be made to the individual location or the corporate office as either a check or electronic funds transfer.

Insurance & Liability Protection:

Cooperative members adhere to our insurance qualifications and service standards.


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