Full Product Line

Vending Machines Make Employees Happy

Cincinnati Vending is a full service vending company providing quality foods and name brand snack and refreshment products. Our À LA CARTE order system leads the way in bringing the power of name brand & private label quality foods individually tailored to satisfying your employee needs, wants, or demands. It’s our commitment to providing you the highest quality products and the utmost in service.

It all adds up to a refreshment program that not only works, but works for you!

us-connect-logoCoast to Coast Vending or Coffee Service Solution

USConnect works with national and multinational companies to facilitate corporate-wide vending programs. USConnect is a management partnership unique in the Vending/OCS industry. Our network offers you hometown, family owned operators dedicated to their business in every market from coast to coast. We are the largest member owned buying and management cooperative in the Vending Industry. We guarantee the finest in local service everywhere, because we care...Read More

bistro-to-go-home-imageBistro To Go!

A brand new way to offer fresh food, healthier selections, popular snacks, beverages, coffee, and other items to employees. Think of it like your own, customized miniature convenience store at work! Read More

Good Food, Better Variety, the Best Service.

All the selections of a food court …and then some. Quality food is one of the cornerstones of our vending services. Cincinnati Vending strives to provide the FRESHEST, healthiest food, the finest ingredients and generous portions to provide the best value to our clients. Handmade daily by creative culinary artisans, our fresh food is prepared locally in a state-of-the-art kitchen facility that is fully certified and inspected. Read More

Environmentally Friendly:

Our machines use less energy, use more environmentally-friendly refrigerants, are more climate-friendly and have reduced downtime and maintenance. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy of fluorescent lighting. Environmental benefits of reduced pollution & natural resources use. Our commitment to environmentally responsible vending helps our customers lower their regular energy bill which translates to saving you money. Read More

Healthy Vending. Serious about Nutrition.

Cincinnati Vending is consistently offering the latest products in healthy snacks, food and beverages. Thru initiatives such as NAMA’s “Balanced for Life” & “The Alliance for a Healthier Generation”, our machines are stocked with healthy choices attractively presented in our “Look Right, Eat Right” program, We also can provide information on How to implement a wellness program for your employees through the seven steps to workplace wellness. Read More

Innovative Technology

To remain at the forefront of vending, Cincinnati Vending places emphasis on utilizing emerging technologies that enhance the users experience with machines that run smoother, respond faster, and create an entirely new vending experience.

Our equipment consists of state-of-the-art snack, beverage and food vending machines equipped with the latest in guaranteed delivery systems, Bill Recyclers, as well as Credit & Debit card acceptance. Read More

Frozen Entrees & Ice Cream

The frozen food section isn’t just for the grocery store anymore. Treat your employees to our Frozen Gourmet Vendor which brings mouth watering entrées and ice cream novelties to your workplace. Read More

24 / 7 Availability

Cincinnati Vending is proud of its service record. Our clients and customers appreciate the difference when it comes to the important issue of service, reliability, and quick response time. Our service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To insure minimal down time, our Preventative Maintenance Program tries to identify and solve problems with a scheduled periodic equipment checks and wireless monitoring solutions. Read More

More Variety

Our machines offer more selections and vending capacity than conventional vending merchandisers. No matter your location. No matter your preference. Our machines always provide the right variety of quality products. Choice of Coke, Pepsi or 7UPproducts in can or bottle or both all in one machine. Read More

Promo-&-Comm-home-imagePromotions & Commissions

Cincinnati Vending is excited to introduce USConnect, an innovative new loyalty and rewards program offered in conjunction with a cashless payment.

Cash Back Rewards
It's always great to be rewarded and with One Card you'll be rewarded with every purchase. Card holders earn 5 reward points for every dollar spent and redeem online for cash back on your account. You'll earn up to 10% back everyday!

Giving Back
We believe in helping our communities and we bet that you do too! That's why at participating locations we donate 1.5% of every dollar you spend with your OneCard to the charity of your choice. Now you can get something good and do something good at the same time.

Commissions or Price Roll Back
Cincinnati Vending offers promotions, commissions or price roll backs to customers who generate sales in excess of 400.00 per machine per month. These can be simple product giveaways or turkeys at Thanksgiving, to sporting events or local hotel stays to cash back for employee perks. Each customer’s promotional or commission activity is determined by a formula based on sales, pricing, and additional equipment provided.

Fits Your Environment

Our updated designs and modern styling creates a better, more accommodating environment in your location. And with more product selections our machines make a perfect fit for your environment.
Our state-of-the-art equipment can be designed and fronted with your company logo or products. Read More